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Earth in the Balance

Vice-President Al Gore’s book Earth in the Balance is a careful examination of the relationship between US politics and the environment. It addresses major issues like global deforestation and the responsibility of industry, as well as laying out a plan […]

How to write a business plan?

Have you ever dreamt of setting your own business? If yes, this information will be useful for you. We live in the epoch of great technological development, and everybody tries to learn more in order to earn be rich and […]

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity: A Comparison

The world-encompassing religions of Christianity and Islam both emerged in the Middle East within a few centuries of each other, and share a number of similarities with one another and with Judaism. The prophet Mohammed taught Muslims to believe in […]

The Japanese Today; Change and Continuity

Marius Jansen and Edwin Reischauer have explored the major issues connected to contemporary Japan. In The Japanese Today; Change and Continuity, they explain why Japan has come to be regarded as one of the three of four most important countries […]

What is Critical Thinking Essay Main Idea?

The main goal of studying at the university is to get a student critical thinking skill. That is why it is very important for students to understand what the critical thinking definition is. The definition of critical thinking is the […]

The Death Penalty Debate

Proponents continue to argue for the importance of retribution and for teaching respect for life by taking the life of those who kil l. (Gelernter) In the end, however, the opponents of capital punis hment are right: a society cannot […]

The Protection of Intellectual Property

The issue regarding the protection of intellectual property is the issue of protecting the owners of certain information. Today, this matter is known in the context of what we know as "copyright law". In this law, there are two general […]